SBIHM believes that each student is a valuable resource. The placement wing focuses on each student to maximize his/her career prospectus and assists him/her in achieving the same. Students are placed through on / off campus placement activities.

The Training and Placement department is committed to fulfilling the dreams of all those who are in final year. The Objective of the placement wing is to facilitate and counsel students in their final recruitment process. This only achieved through series of campus recruitment conducted. The Training Program has been structured to cover major areas of personality/soft skills in each academic year which trained students in aptitude, soft / life skills and technical arena. Every modules ensure that the students learn relevant skill sets and develop positive and constructive attitude to make them industry ready.

Placement in Hotel & Hospitality Sectors

Five Star Hotels / Resorts / Cruise /Aviation / Casino / Restaurant / Armed Forces / Airlines Catering / Flight / Kitchen / Academics/ Airlines / Airports / Railways / Hotels / MNC / Corporate / Off Shores / Events / Bank / Museum & Galleries / Malls, Entrepreneurship, Govt. Job

Placements in Tourism Sectors

Tourism Corporation / Travel Advisories / Business Travels / Airlines / Airport / Transport /Tourist Information Centre/ Travel Planner / Academic Research / Travel Customer Services, Entrepreneurship, Govt. Job

Placements in Media Sectors

Electronic Media / Print Media / Digital Media / Films / Journalism / Animation / New Paper / Publication / Advertisement / Anchoring / Photography, Entrepreneurship, Govt. Job

Business Management

Placements in Corporate Sectors like Banks / Real Estates / FMCG / Retail / Event / Hotel, Hospital, airlines, Airport, insurance, information Technology, Academic, Entrepreneurship, Govt. Job.


Software and Hardware Company, Web Designing, Networking, Bank, Dairy, Advertisement , Railway, Animation, News paper, Socia Media, Electornic Media, Academic, Entrepreneurship, Govt. Job.

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