3 Skills on How to Get Admission to The Top Hotel Management Course in Kolkata at SBIHMIT

3 Skills on How to Get Admission to The Top Hotel Management Course in Kolkata at SBIHMIT

3 Skills on How to Get Admission to The Top Hotel Management Course in Kolkata at SBIHMIT

Date: 25-04-2022

Kolkata, the capital of West Bengal is the fifth-best education hub in India, as per data. The state of eastern India focuses on continuous up-gradation of infrastructure and making courses job-oriented. One such job-oriented course is “Hotel Management”. Hotel management is a flourishing field. A candidate, after finishing his/her hotel management course can explore multiple job options. Let’s discuss the topic of a guidebook on how to get admission to the top hotel management course in Kolkata at SBIHMIT.  

What Is a Hotel Management Course? 

 A Hotel Management course focuses on teaching students how to work in the hospitality industry. Food & Beverage, Cuisine Catering, Accounting, and Housekeeping are just a few of the jobs available in this field. Although certain specialized courses focus particularly on housekeeping or culinary training, most hospitality students begin the courses by being trained in all of the verticals under the core name of “Hotel Management”.

Candidates who complete top Hotel Management programs will be prepared to enter the hospitality industry as ready-to-work professionals. The foundations of such courses are founded on customer-oriented techniques that prioritize keeping customers pleased as a top priority.

What Are the Top 3 Skills Required to Pursue a Hotel Management Course?


Several types of skills are required to pursue a hotel management course. Those skills are – communication skills, problem-solving skills, operational knowledge, eye for detailing and multitasking skills, interpersonal skill, leadership quality, team building quality, finance management skills, flexibility and many more. Let’s have a look at the top three skills that are considered prerequisites for getting admission to the Best Management institutes in Kolkata.



Communication Skill: -

Students that flourish in this job have some of the most important characteristics, such as communication skills, leadership traits, problem-solving behavior, politeness, and team-oriented behavior.

Hotel management is a physically and mentally demanding profession. The ship may sink into the ocean due to a lack of communication between consumers, employees, and management. At hotels, everything must always work smoothly because it is such a fast-paced setting. To attain this purpose, effective oral and written communication must be used in all elements of the field. If you want to succeed in this industry, your ability to communicate effectively will be tested regularly.

 A hotel management education teaches a student the necessity of speaking to each client and guest professionally, respectfully, and sincerely. It also helps him/her to build all the types of interpersonal communication skills that companies in the hospitality industry require from their workers.

Problem-Solving Skills: -


Employees in the hotel sector must deal with a range of queries and concerns on a routine basis because the industry is customer-focused. Gradually employees learn how to think quickly on their feet so that they can effectively cope with these difficulties.

If you get admission to the best hotel management course in Kolkata, you must be able to solve difficulties to manage your time.

Eye for Detailing & Multitasking Skills: -

Employees or the managers of the hotels must have hyper-vigilance about different aspects, as large as safety concerns to as little as keeping fresh flowers in the lobby, to ensure that each guest has a great experience. Delegating responsibilities among employees is a crucial part of management. Hotel managers must continually check that objectives are being accomplished, duties are being fulfilled, and the system is functioning properly. When managing multiple areas of a hotel, multitasking is essential, therefore being detail-oriented is one of the most critical qualities for hotel managers.

How Can One Candidate Get Admission to SBIHMIT?

SBIHMIT is one of the best hotel management institutes in Kolkata that offers the best hotel management course in Kolkata as well as West Bengal. We have to take a glance at the courses first before proceeding with the admission procedures.

SBIHMIT offers the following courses-

  • Master in Hotel & Hospitality Management
  • Master in Hospital Management
  • Bachelor in Hotel Management
  • Bachelor in Hospitality Management
  • Bachelor in Hospital Management
  • Bachelor in Travel & Tourism Management
  • Bachelor in Culinary Science
  • BBA
  • BCA
  • B.Sc. in Media Science
  • Diploma in Hotel & Hospitality Management
  • Diploma in Hospital Management


Course Criteria: -

The courses of SBIHMIT are designed systematically and scientifically so that students become fittest in the field of hotel management.

Because it is a competitive market, all current companies prefer people with finesses from reputable institutions, believing that such candidates can perform from the start. The best candidates are practically hand-picked by the businesses. That is why it is now extremely necessary for students to acquire skills and knowledge on a level that will allow them to strike the proper chord with potential employers.


Admission Procedure: -

For admission to SBIHMIT, students must collect forms and prospectus according to their choice of courses. Students can collect forms from their corporate office in Kolkata as well as from the website of SBIHMIT.

After filling up, students must submit it, along with attested photocopies of testimonials to SBIHM SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT's corporate address. The application should also include four copies of the candidate's passport-size pictures, as well as an Rs. 800/- DD made out to SBIHM School of Management. On receiving all the documents, the institute will contact the candidates for the admission test. After completion of all the formalities, the candidates are welcome to enroll in the course if they get selected.

Address- “PS Srijan Corporate Park”.

Premises No. G2- Block - GP, 15-IV, 15th Floor, Salt Lake City, Sector - V, Kolkata - 91. Bus stop: - SDF BUILDING.

Cost of the Form: - INR. 800/-.

Website: - www.sbihmit.com.

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