Compare the Past & Future of Hotel & Hospitality Management in Kolkata

Compare the Past & Future of Hotel & Hospitality Management in Kolkata

Compare the Past & Future of Hotel & Hospitality Management in Kolkata

Date: 14/06/2022

We all love to travel. We all love food. We all love to explore different kinds of hotels, restaurants and resorts at different times depending on our needs. A candle-lit dinner at a beachside restaurant with your loved ones or a fun-filled family staycation at a vintage resort surrounded by hilly terrains is potent enough to fill someone’s heart with a bunch of sweet memories. But have you ever thought about who provided you with that awesome food and a great ambiance to make your experience so perfect? Well! The answer is the efficient teamwork of a management team which we call hotel & hospitality management. The management enthusiasts who all want to study hotel & hospitality management in Kolkata ,must read out this blog.

  • What Is Hotel Management?

Hotel management is a kind of management study that covers multiple arenas associated with the operational aspects of hoteliers. There are different types of subjects that are connected with hotel management studies.

The subjects of the hotel management studies are mainly business administration, eco-tourism, nutrition, operations, travel and tourism management, financial management, leisure and many more. 

Hotel management is all about teamwork. The field deals with the public. So proper communication among the teammates can help a hotel run flawlessly without even a single complaint coming from the guest’s end.

  • How was the Ancient History of Hotel Management & Hospitality Industry?

Before knowing about the future of hotel & hospitality management in Kolkata, candidates should know, how was the saga of hotels in ancient times. 

Though it is not confirmed that when commercial hospitality started to immerse in the ancient period but it was proved the concept of traveling was there. At that time traveling was associated with pilgrimage. And in place of hotels, ‘Dharamshala’s were there for the overall welcoming of the guests. 

Though there were no well-structured hotel sectors available at that time, some amazing hospitality offered to the guests was synonymous with our country. In fact, there were many records where we can get versions of many foreign travelers and visitors who had mentioned about astounding hospitality of Indians. 

The Dharamshalas, Musafirkhanas and Sarais started to transform themselves into organized entities like “Hotels” in the colonial period. At that time, the hotel etiquettes were introduced by the white-skin rulers gradually which were maintained by officials of local kings.

By 1900, all the hotels in our country were constructed as per western traditions. No such management studies were there to train the officials to run the properties successfully. 

After independence, our country witnessed some big brands like Taj, Oberoi group of hotels and ITC undertake all the properties and transform them into high-standard hotels that needed good manpower to run them successfully.

These famous groups also started to expand the hotel business overseas. Here, came the need for well-groomed staff to maintain high-quality and standard services. The concept of hotel management started to take place gradually. 

Although the term was introduced people were not acquainted with the course of hotel management. Also, there was no need for such qualified staff and job opportunities were also very less. 

Even a few decades ago, facilities in terms of WI-FI connection, online payment & booking options, hotel details, multi-cuisine kitchens, automated room check-in services, and different categories of rooms, etc. were not available in most of the hotel sectors.  

  • What is The Future of Hotel Management?

The scenario has changed. Now, the hotel & hospitality industry in Kolkata as well as in India has a bright future. The field truly needs qualified & technically sound employees for the hotels. 

Technologies and digitalization have upgraded hotels to a different standard. From room entry to data storage or menu selection, everything is now technological the dealing of which needs suitable candidates from well-recognized colleges.

The hotel things have become smart and will be smarter in near future. But it is fact that smart things need smart people to deal in. So here comes the need for the best hospital management institute in Kolkata. The institutes that can nourish the talents and skills of the students and produce industry-ready candidates. 

Not only the hotels but also the cruises, airlines catering services and restaurants, all around the world, are going to offer various job opportunities to the experienced & deserving hotel management students in near future.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the hotel & hospitality industry has seen a very ugly side of this sector. The outbreak has made the entire hotel & hospitality industry very much temporarily fragile. But the vaccination drive, a sense of hygiene in people, media roles, and an overall optimism to revive the industry have again revamped the industry. We can expect a great boosting vibe shortly for the entire hotel & hospitality industry.

  • Conclusion: -

We have compared the past and future of hotel & hospitality management in Kolkata. It is now quite clear what kind of profession hotel & hospitality is and what kind of career options one can explore in near future. Kolkata, the capital of West Bengal has a good number of hotel management colleges that offers some of the best hospital management courses in Kolkata. SBIHMIT is one of such colleges that is known to offer premium quality  hospital management courses in Kolkata. Give yourself a golden chance to join this college and curate a successful career story in the ambit of hotel & hospitality management. 


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