Future aspect regarding Tourism Management Job

Future aspect regarding Tourism Management Job

Date: 04-03-2019

Nowadays the tourism and travel industry is trying to prove them as one of the largest sectors in the modern sector encircles. The thirsty fellness of people is the main reason to develop the business of this sector. Therefore, graduate or further study in Tourism Management is one of the best concepts for a student bright future. With the collaboration of Government and UNESCO, numerous number of tourism place is evaluating day by day. To manage all tourists and maintain the beauty of nature a large number of sincere people is very essential. Management of every tourism industry can differentiate the role of activity of the employee with several ways.

1. Tourism Consultant:

Not all people’s thoughts are equal. Some of them like hilly region, few like oceanic place. Some people like cultural & heritage place, some are technology lover. According to their choice as well as interest, the Consultant has to suggest suitable place so that the tourists can take a long breath with implementing their dream. To be a tourism consultant, one has to gather knowledge regarding different types of tourism places and differentiate those places according to the tourist criteria. The management of every tourism company provides a handsome salary according to the importance of this role.

2. Tourism Informatics Officer:

After selecting the tourist spot by the travelers, the main key role of the Tourist Informatics Officer is to provide several types of information like Geographical as well as demographical importance of the place, advantages-disadvantages, different types of barriers to visit that place, awareness creation etc.

3. Event Manager:

If tourists want to celebrate any occasion after reaching the spot, it is the duty of the management of every organization to arrange all necessary things to implement the programme without facing any stumble. Nowadays, destination wedding is one of the essential examples in this aspect.

4. Ground Attendant:

After starting journey, ground attendant has to perform most important duty with taking entire responsibility as well as security of the tourist. In case of long distance journey, after taking off the flight, ground attendant has to introduce with the tourists and make proper arrangement into the hotel for their coming.

5. Local Tour Guide:

The heritage and cultural management sector plays a lead role in the tourism sector. Without proper interpretation of the history that a site carries, the tourism is vogue. The sole aim of a heritage site is to preserve the history of a place, which remains inactive if the lesson is not mediated to the tourist, research scholars and the students.

6. Adventurous Tourism Expert:

 In case of visiting adventurous place, adventurous tourism experts are very essential who can manage every astonishing situation and make the journey peaceful.


This type of business hierarchy consist of private ownership, public (Government) ownership and the joint venture programme (Public and private collaboration). The tourist (students, researchers and families) must return home with a happy heart, gather of knowledge and some good moments. To implement the tourist imagination and maintain the reputation of the tourist spots, management has to be aware about the hospitality of the tourist. On that aspect huge amount of staff empowerment is very essential.

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