What are Hotel Management Course and its Opportunities?

What are Hotel Management Course and its Opportunities?

Date: 2020-10-20


Hotel management is among the courses in the educational area that has been gathering steam over the past few years. Among the public, it has become wildly popular. They have noticed that it has promise. The unrealized potential of courses in hotel management comes from the growing line of need that it serves.

It needs to be understood that management institutes in Kolkata, are not only about being a manager, and there are also a variety of different occupations. After finishing their degree from the best hotel management institute , several of the highest paid positions one can select are as follows:

  • Chef/ Food In-charge
  • Event Manager
  • Catering Companies
  • Spas and Wellness Centres
  • Conferences and conventions centers
  • Travel agencies
  • Tourist offices and ministries of tourism
  • Tour operators and etc.

Hotel General Manager

The general manager of the hotel is at the top in terms of hierarchy. All other departments and employees are supposed to report to him and get his approval.

The hotel manager is one of the highest paid people in the entire hotel. He takes care if everything is running smoothly or not. It is the duty of the manager to engage with all the departments and make sure they are functioning in order. Some of the departments are the fooding, reception, lodging, funds, marketing and various other miscellaneous things.


Chefs work in all kinds of public establishments. Some of the most popular ones are hotels, cafes, restaurants, private home stays and sometimes also in high profile settings. Chefs in five star hotels are among the most reputed employees there. The Top Chef is also known as the head chef who decides the menu, passes orders to others and etc. The sous chef on the other hand, works under the head chef. Being the Head Chef requires some experience. However, students who study from management colleges often directly get recruited as head chefs.

Upon finishing their degree, a lot of graduates also open up their own restaurants and cafes where they work as head chefs.

Hospitality In-Charge

This is another job role which is available to students who have completed their degree from good colleges like SBIHM School Of Management. They also have to take responsibility helping the other executives who would be working in an industry.

Mostly they are found in the aviation companies. The people who work on airplanes and take care of responsibilities in cabins are given this job. There is a lot of scope to travel and explore the world with this job.

Hence, these are some of the major job roles which people can take in a large number of industries after finishing their education in hotel management.

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