Journalism As a Career in India

Journalism As a Career in India

Date: 04-03-2019

Since the very beginning, the purpose of journalism has been to report the truth to the public without being biased. So, in a democratic country like India, it is important for people to make fair decisions.

Journalists serve as a medium through whom we get to know about the happenings in and around the world. Their mission is to oversee the work of government officials on behalf of the citizens.

The Media Industry is growing way too far nowadays. This demand of News anchor, photo journalists, editors, news reporters are enhancing more with the passing days with the manifold increase in the circulation of newspapers and journals, there is a great scope for the young men and women who want to join this profession.

What makes a successful journalist?

  • To be successful in the field of journalism, one should have a good flair of speaking and writing, on effective mind in creating up new ideas and the willingness to convince people with their thoughts and ideas.

What are the career prospects?

  • Journalism can be broadly divided into these categories:
  • Print Journalism – It consists of newspapers, journals, magazines, digests and news agencies.
  • Electronic / Broadcast Journalism – This includes Television, Radio and the Internet.
  • Web Journalism – This includes publishing new articles online across various platforms like social networking sites, blogs, etc. Here, the content can be produced via texts, videos, images, etc.

SBIHM School of Management offers the students a vivid knowledge of journalism. The profession of journalism is a pubic and social occupation. Journalists are also referred to as the watchdog of society or the fourth estate. It also lets the policy makers to know what the public expects from them.

In addition to conveying information, a good journalism also interprets the world. It brings the events close to people’s daily lives and shows what kind of an impact they have on a regular citizen’s life.

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