5 Reasons for Enrolling in a Media Science Course

5 Reasons for Enrolling in a Media Science Course

Date: 2020-07-24


Thinking of joining a mass communication college in Kolkata? Are you unsure about whether to pursue a media science degree or not? Worry no more! We are here to help you understand why deciding to choose a media science degree is going to be helpful for your career.

Here are five reasons to enroll in a media science degree course in Kolkata.

Millions of new jobs every quarter

The basis for success of any degree relies on the jobs and employment scope that industry offers. Media science happens to be one of the most prospects worthy degrees in those regards. Over millions of new jobs are open to graduates each year.

With the expansion of media and entertainment into digital, television and even social media; the requirement for professionals in every aspect is increasing. Whether it is production, marketing, PR, lighting, editing, journalism, photography, and etc; you will have job security. And if not security then options.

It is a recession proof industry because the job scope is not going to recede or disappear anytime soon.

The jobs continue to increase every quarter making it an eventful industry to join for aspirants.

The reason it is suggested for students to get a fully ledged degree is because of the university affiliation. There are a lot of colleges who would be willing to provide media science certification courses. However, those courses do not hold much value. Getting a degree affiliated to a university would help your resume have solid value. It will help you in getting placements, importance in your workplace and help attain your dream job.

SBIHMIT offers a Media Science degree affiliated to MAKAUT (WBUT). This gives immense value to your degree and career going forward. To get more details like syllabus, admission, media science course fees and etc; contact us.

Lets your creativity breathe

Are you one of those people who have always loved being creative? Does creativity bring you happiness? Then you do not need to have any second thoughts when it comes to joining a media science course. It is your ultimate destination.

Creativity is the harbinger for media science people. This is a job where you will get to be creative for a living and get paid good money for it.

Recession proof industry

We are currently living in the state of worse and most excruciating pandemic in the history of this world. And if there are people who have not lost their jobs, it has to be the media and entertainment people.

Media houses are still running every day. All the people in news agencies, production and writing still have their jobs intact. TV production has also been resumed ensuring that those people also have their jobs. Editors, animators, PR and marketing people also have their jobs well in place despite this pandemic.

So, this must have given you an idea of how strongly recessions proof this industry really is.

Scope to better yourself

A lot of industries are unforgiving to mistakes. They expect you to be these from day one. That is not the case for media industry. In this industry you will be given ample amount of chances to better yourself.

MYou will get to work in industries which you choose. There are plenty of options to switch if you do not feel like continuing the same path too.

Hence, you can be rest assured about having a fantastic career after choosing a media science degree course for your career.

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