Top 7 Feel-Good Factors About the Best Hotel Management Institute in Kolkata to Brighten Your Day

Top 7 Feel-Good Factors About the Best Hotel Management Institute in Kolkata to Brighten Your Day

Top 7 Feel-Good Factors About the Best Hotel Management Institute in Kolkata to Brighten Your Day

Date: 16-05-2022

If you are such a person who is searching for every detail related to the best hotel management institute in Kolkata and very eager to join the best hotel management course in Kolkata to give a correct shape to your career, in the ambit of hotel management, you are in the right place and the answers of your every query are SBIHMIT. SBIHMIT is a popular hotel management college in Kolkata, as well as West Bengal and it is ready to curate a successful story of your career by offering you a wide range of facilities and excellent infrastructure.


What are the All-Special Feel-Good Factors About SBIHMIT?


  • SBIHMIT, the best hotel management institute in Kolkata aims to cater to opportunities for every candidate who else is dreaming of a promising career in the hotel & hospital industry, even if the aspirant belongs to a not such an affluent background to afford the cost of any courses under the spheres of hotel, hospitality and hospital management. Perhaps, it’s the best feel-good news for every student, irrespective of their spending capacity.


  • It has been the sole focus of SBIHMIT since the year 1999 when the best hotel management in Kolkata was established, to prove itself as the premium quality institute for Holistic Education in the field of management studies. SBIHMIT offers innumerable options and a world-class technical educational ambiance to students who want to make their career in the hotel industry.


  • SBIHMIT also believes in the development of Knowledge, Skills and Attitude with the latest techniques of students in a holistic way. To meet the targets SBIHMIT also engage highly educated and experienced faculties at the institute to maximize the potential of every student.   


  • SBIHMIT, the center of excellence has a superb academic record. The innovative course curriculum of the institution is crafted according to industry-standard by accepting the multiple challenges and converting them into opportunities. It gives the students a golden chance to nurture their skills creatively and become ready as per industry criteria. Even SBIHM takes special care of those students who all are academically a little weak. 



  • SBIHMIT is not just a luminous name in the hotel management field but also a reliable name for learning hospitality, hospital and culinary courses. The premium institute SBIHMIT is a member of FHRAI, AIMA, HARAI, and affiliated with MAKAUT i.e., Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology) Govt. of West Bengal and American Hospitality Academy, USA. So, it is really one of the best feel-good factors for the students to know about the college to which he/she is thinking to get admission is recognized and accredited by some big entities. 


  • SBIHMIT, the best hotel management institute in Kolkata offers a vast range of courses, in the ambit of hotel, hospital and hospitality for the interested candidates in the fields. Starting from a bachelor’s in the hotel, hospitality, hospital, travel & tourism, media science, computer application, business administration, and culinary science to a master’s in hospital, hotel & hospitality management – SBIHMIT offers a plethora of courses to the students. The college also has a few diploma courses related to the field.


  • On successful completion of courses SBIHMIT offers the students a great placement opportunity where they get the chance to work at five-star hotels, resorts, cruises, casinos, airlines, MNC, corporate, museums, and galleries and many more places. SBIHMIT also offers great scholarship opportunities to students where girls, wards of military personnel, physically challenged, ST, SC, and OBC are all eligible for the program.   


  • Conclusion: -


A study in 2018 said, 77% of students who all passed from well-recognized hotel management colleges, got good placement opportunities whereas, on the contrary, the value was only 40% of students who passed engineering or technical courses and got jobs. So, after your higher secondary, if you have a passion to serve in the hotel industry, you can easily join a good hotel management course. But be sure of the recognition and quality of the courses.

So, if you are from Kolkata or West Bengal, definitely SBIHMIT, the best hotel management institute in Kolkata is the finest option for you to join any of the courses to build a career in the ambit. Isn’t it?

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